With an uncommon compass I excavated the earth, seeking what it would yield. An archaeological expedition that revealed other ways of looking at an orb that glides so patiently around the sun.
Planet Earth. Even as we celebrate the tenacity and resilience of this magnificent dwelling place, each day we are more aware of its fragility. Nature artist, Charles Bragg, once said, “Evolution has shown us that nothing ever stays the same: continents drift across the oceans, jungles turn into deserts, and dinosaurs make way for silky anteaters. And where the wind and the sun once dictated the course of evolution, the near future of this planet resides in the mind and action of man. The balancing of and the struggle between greed, compassion, fear, and intelligence will now determine the destiny of all life on Earth.” That says it all. Yet not. There are many ways of saying and many ways of seeing.
This, our 16th issue, is a tribute to Earth. More image-oriented than ever before, it is sensory and sumptious; a feast for your eyes.

Bina Sarkar Ellias

Issue 16 - Earth (Vol.8 No.1 - 2005)